468384878“Since the ripe old age of 5, I had that zest for storytelling. With a camera always in tow, my dad never missed an opportunity to capture life as it unfolded with me giving the play by play. :)”

My passion for storytelling at a young age is what dictated my path as a TV Personality and Reporter.

After playing D-1 soccer at the University of Miami, producing human interest pieces for PBS, covering college football recruiting for FOX Sports and reporting at the London Olympics, Kristen’s myriad of experiences have led to her current role as Co-Host and Reporter of the Red Bull Global Rallycross series on NBC, and host of Golf Channel’s competition series Altered Course.

Her curiosity beyond the sports realm inspired her in 2009 to capture a behind-the-scenes experience while traveling to Africa, in which she contracted malaria and nearly died. The project soon evolved into a 90-minute award-winning documentary Tanzania: A Journey Within, and also spawned a non-profit movement Malaika For Life– that raises funds for malaria victims. Her documentary has received numerous accolades and festival awards. Kristen’s malaria story has been featured on The Doctors. It is AOL’s most watched original story.

A natural leader with boundless energy, Kristen and her best friend Lauren Mayhew sold a digital show to Woven Media in 2015 – in which she and her bestie travel to obscure parts of America to highlight and participate in obscure sporting events.


D-1 soccer player at the University of Miami. NYC marathoner.  Mt Kilimanjaro conquerer. Kristen is not afraid to get her hands dirty.



Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Surviving malaria. Going local. Skiing the double blacks in Utah. All things that are normal fare in Kristen’s world.



Energetic. Youthful. Playful. TomBoy. Whether covering sports or entertainment, Kristen engages her audience and whomever she interviews with her youthful and playful demeanor. She doesn’t have to work hard to make a connection.  It comes natural.

altered course montego bay- Season #1


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