Since the ripe old age of 5, I had that zest for storytelling. With a camera always in tow, my dad would never miss an opportunity to capture life as it happened with me giving the play by play. :)

In 2007, Kristen found her ‘professional’ voice as a correspondent for PBS in Orlando. She filmed an award-winning documentary in Africa. Then she moved on to cover college football and the Olympics for FOX Sports. She is the current host of The Loyalty Report on ThePostGame with Yahoo! Sports.

As a guest on The Doctors, Kristen knows a thing or two about survival in the developing world. She is lucky to be alive after a near-deadly brush with malaria in Africa. Kristen found inspiration in this life-threatening experience and took action, creating a grassroots movement called Malaika (angel) For Life - buy a bracelet, save a life. To date, she shares her story around the country. Her story is the most watched original on AOL.


D-1 soccer player at the University of Miami, NYC marathoner and Mt Kilimanjaro conquerer. Kristen is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Kristen was most notably selected to cover the London 2012 Olympic Games for FOX Sports and the World University Games for ESPNU. She covered college hoops for CBS Sports Network, and was in the trenches for the National Collegiate Paintball Championships, also on CBS. She worked as a one-WOMAN-show for FOX Sports NEXT, covering college football, National Signing Day, ACC Media Days, the NFL combine and bowl games.

A self starter, she purchased a green screen and created and hosted The Kenney Kountdown and The Recruiting Hotline on FOX Sports Digital.

She currently hosts a weekly college football tailgate series for Yahoo! Sports and The Post Game.


Energetic. Youthful. Playful. TomBoy.

Whether covering sports or entertainment, Kristen engages her audience and whomever she interviews with her youthful and playful demeanor. She doesn’t have to work hard to make a connection.  It all comes natural.


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Surviving malaria. Going local. Living in villages in Africa. Skiing the double blacks in Utah. All things that are normal fare in Kristen’s world.

In 2009, she pitched a docu-series that found herself and an Emmy award-winning crew in Tanzania, Africa. The series was turned into a documentary called Friendship Journey, in which it documents her journey to her friend’s village in Tanzania where she contracted malaria and almost died. The documentary has won festival awards and will be released in 2014 under its new title Kwanini.

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Reporter, Malaria Survivor, Founder of Malaika For Life